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Tips for better Linux experience as a dev.

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·Sep 7, 2022·

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These tips are from my own experience.

Add a backup method.

I currently use a program called rclone to backup my stuff. I didn't want to install multiple programs for each cloud provider like Drive, Dropbox, also there is not much support in case of Linux. I found rclone to be highly customisable and easy to setup.

I have a script which I run every other day, you can run it manually or set up a cronjob.


/usr/bin/rclone copy -L --update \
         --verbose --transfers 30  \
         --checkers 8 --contimeout 60s \
         --timeout 300s --retries 3 \
         --low-level-retries 10 --stats 1s \
         --max-size "50M" --exclude="**.mp4" \
         --exclude="**.mov" --exclude="**.mkv" \
         --exclude="**.m4v" --exclude="**.pgm" \
         --exclude="env/**" --exclude="__pycache__/**" \
         --exclude="node_modules/**" --exclude=".git/**" \
          "path" "google-drive:Notes"

Check this article on how to configure it on Linux -

Backup your configs.

Now vscode has added it's own sync which is connected your Github or MS Live account. For other editors you can find their config files and add it to the rclone !

Use scripting to automate your tasks.

You can use scripting languages such as Python or Bash to make functions that can be executed by you. Later you can add aliases to .bashrc file to run those files.

This will let you avoid writing same stuff again.

I also found this scripting kit recently, this might be good enough too -

Add a script for first time setup of your OS.

This script will remove programs that are not used by you and install useful ones. I have a script which is inspired by John Hammond's - (s/o - checkout his yt if you are into cybersec!)

Tweak your terminal

Terminal is the most useful to any linux user, checkout to customise your terminal.

Thank you for reading!

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